How to Prepare Knowledge, Ability and Skills Interview Questions? Options

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What are your greatest strengths?


  • To discover reasons for hiring you.
  • To find out how well you know yourself.
  • To find out if you believe in yourself; and if you are the right person for the position.


  • Mention that besides the work skills, training and experience that you would offer, you also offer job-related qualities such as reliability, enthusiasm, dependability, flexibility and efficiency.
  • If time permits, back up these qualities with examples.

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What are your weaknesses?


To discover if you are wrong for the job as a result of lack of experience or training, poor people skills, refusal to follow orders, poor attitude laziness...


  • Describe a positive attribute, then continue with a statement of reassurance. For example, ¿I feel that it is very important to meet deadlines; satisfy the customer; ... I have to really make myself be patient, diplomatic, firm, when I see that this is not happening.¿
  • Honestly describe an obvious weakness, then describe factors that make up for it.
  • Remember, when you raise a doubt, explain it immediately. If you cannot think of any weaknesses, tell the employer this.

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What kind of salary are you expecting?


The interviewer wants to determine whether you have realistic salary expectations.


  • Mention a salary range.
  • Stating an exact figure may harm your chances.
  • This is where your research can pay off.
  • If you know the going rate for the type of work you can use that in your answer.

Sample responses:

  • I understand the usual rate is between X and Y. That would be acceptable.
  • I am open to any fair offer which is in line with my experience.
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