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How to Prepare Knowledge, Ability and Skills Interview Questions? Options

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@2015-12-19 16:52:30

These questions often deal with the technical aspects of the job or basic knowledge that is essential to learn the job. The following questions are asked in almost every interview.

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell me about your experience with this type of work.
  • What kind of hardware/software can you operate?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What kind of salary are you expecting?
@2015-12-19 16:54:05

Tell me about yourself.


  • To put you at ease.
  • To learn from you why they should or should not hire you.
  • To find out if your mind is on what you can offer an employer; or if it is on personal concerns that may interfere with your work performance.
  • To learn a little bit about your background.
  • To assess your ability to communicate orally.


  • Demonstrate your ability to communicate information clearly and concisely.
  • Demonstrate your ability to prioritize and your understanding of the employers needs by selecting the information about you of most interest to them. Briefly touch on the following:
    • your experience related to the job.
    • your attributes, including your ability to get along with others and appropriate personal information to show stability and a well-rounded character.
@2015-12-19 16:57:22

Tell me about your experience with this type of work.


To find out whether or not you can do the job.


  • If you have done this work, state where and give examples of your achievements.
  • If you have done related work, state your transferable skills. Show your interest in the position and your willingness to learn.
  • If you have not done this work, mention other work-related attributes and skill.
  • Quickly show your interest in on-the-job training.
@2015-12-19 17:15:45

What kind of hardware/software can you operate?


This question indicates that skills in this area are very important. Express your experience and capability.


  • Be as specific as possible about your expertise.
  • If you haven't had experience with the software required, describe similar hardware/software you've worked with.
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