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Understanding Active Directory in Windows

@2022-01-30 12:59:41


The preferredLanguage attribute identifies the preferred language of a user in the directory service.

Example values:





@2022-03-09 21:45:39

The sAMAccountName must be unique among all security principal objects within the domain. For instance, attempting to add the following objects will result in an LDAP "Already exists" error.

dn: CN=username1,OU=Staff,DC=contoso,DC=com

 sAMAccountName: username1

 objectClass: user

 dn: CN=username1,OU=Managers,DC=contoso,DC=com

 sAMAccountName: username1

 objectClass: user

@2022-03-09 21:48:16

Distinguished names (DNs) are unique and they unambiguously identify objects in the directory. The directory server does not allow two objects with the same Relative DN (RDN) under the same parent or container. A DN is composed of a RDN, and its container's path. Therefore the uniqueness of RDNs guarantees the uniqueness of DNs. For more details see [MS-ADTS]   Multivalued and Multiple-Attribute RDNs.

A simple example of DN is: CN=username1,OU=Staff,DC=contoso,DC=com


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