Working With Azure DevOps Options

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Creating an Azure Git Repo

In Azure DevOps Services, you can create create a team project with Azure Git Repos by selecting Git as the version control system during the team project creation.

You can create multiple Git repos in one team project unlike one TFVC repo per project.

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Cloning an Azure Git Repo

In Visual Studio, to clone and use an Azure Git repo, you have to connect to the team project. In the Team Explorer window of Visual Studio, click the Manage Connections toolbar icon and then click Manage Connections and Connect to a Project.

A dialog window will appear, and you can select or add a Microsoft account or organization account that has access to the Azure DevOps organization. Then you can expand the Azure DevOps organization and see the team projects. Expand your team project and select the Git repo. Provide a local path to clone the repository and click the Clone button.

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How To Use GIT In Azure DevOps

Git is a core component of Azure DevOps, continuous delivery pipelines and cloud-native computing.

  • Create a branch for the changes you plan to make and give it a name, such as users/jamal/fix-bug-3214 or cool-feature-x.
  • Commit changes to your branch. People often have multiple commits for a bug fix or feature.
  • Push your branch to the remote repository.
  • Create a pull request so other people can review your changes. To incorporate feedback, you might need to make more commits and push more changes.
  • Complete your pull request and resolve any merge conflicts from changes other people made after you created your branch.
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