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Working With Azure DevOps

@2020-05-30 14:01:30

Creating a new DevOps project

  1. Go to dev.azure.com and log in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  2. Select the organization where you want to create the new project in it.
  3. Enter the project name, select Private, set Git as the version control system, and set Agile as the work item process.

Azure DevOps project provide two version control systems: Git and Team Foundaton Version Control.

Azure DevOps provide four process templates. Those are Basic, Agile, CMMI, and Scrum

@2020-05-30 14:32:33

You can navigate to an organization’s settings page by clicking Organization settings in the Azure DevOps organization home page.

@2020-05-30 14:42:35

Adding a new team using the project settings

In an Azure DevOps project, you can create a new team in the Settings section. Go to the Project settings and then select Teams in the General section. You will see the “New team” link. Click the link to add a new team.

@2020-06-02 22:33:20

Azure Git Repos

Git is a popular version control system with many developers. The ability of Git to be used on any platform and with almost any development tool makes it a great version control system. Azure DevOps Services comes with Azure Git Repos, which you can use with a development tool of your preference. Azure Git Repos also provides you with tight integration to Azure Boards and Azure Pipelines. You can leverage Azure Boards capabilities and track requirements alongside its implementation as well as automate builds and deployment easily with your code in Azure Git Repos.

Git is a core component of Azure DevOps, continuous delivery pipelines and cloud-native computing.

  • Create a branch for the changes you plan to make and give it a name, such as users/jamal/fix-bug-3214 or cool-feature-x.
  • Commit changes to your branch. People often have multiple commits for a bug fix or feature.
  • Push your branch to the remote repository.
  • Create a pull request so other people can review your changes. To incorporate feedback, you might need to make more commits and push more changes.
  • Complete your pull request and resolve any merge conflicts from changes other people made after you created your branch.


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