Mcrosoft Edge's percentage of Windows 10 users has declined monthly Options

ncdit -166 - 558
@2015-12-16 14:22:11

Microsofts Edge browser, the replacement for Internet Explorer on Windows 10, continues to struggle to retain users, according to multiple metrics sources since Edge debuted in late July.

U.S.-based Net Applications pegged Edge's share of Windows 10 as 39% in August, then declining each of the next three months, ending at 31.2% in November.

Irish analytics company StatCounter tagged Edge's worldwide share of Windows 10 at much lower to start -- 15.2% for August -- , and for November, 12.9%.

A third source, the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) also shows same downward trend of Edge on Windows 10. Edge-powered visits to DAP's sites accounted for 24.6% of those running Windows 10 in September, and down  to 22.4% in November.

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