tnsrctl - Oracle Listeners Management Options

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@2016-12-08 13:35:41

The database listener process reads the listener.ora and sqlnet.ora files for its configuration; the database administrator (DBA) manages it by using the lsnrctl command-line utility. You can use the utility to do these things to the listener:



Check status

There is no direct relationship between the listener process and the database itself; the processes operate independently.

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@2016-12-08 13:37:45

To start the listener, issue the lsnrctl start command:

c:\> lsnrctl start

If you need to stop the listener, you can issue the lsnrctl stop command:

c:\> lsnrctl stop

To determine what databases the listener is configured to service requests, you can read the listener.ora configuration file. Or you can issue the lsrnctl status command:

c:\> lsnrctl status

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@2016-12-08 13:40:51

After changing the listener.ora file, you must restart the listener process. You can do this via the stop and start commands.

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