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How to Convert FAT32 to NTFS for USB Driver?


davegate 143 - 921
@2015-12-14 11:39:00

I bought a 32G USB driver and I want to use it to copy a big video file (> 5G). When I plugged it into my notebook computer and started copying the file, error was reported that the USB driver is full.

I checked the disk format for the USB driver: it is FAT32 by default. As we know, the biggest single file in FAT32 can't be over 4G, so I decided to convert the default FA32 to NTFS for my USB driver.

It is easy to convert partitions to NTFS with the command convert.exe provided by Windows, you can just follow the steps below to convert a volume to NTFS from the command prompt

  1. Open Command Prompt. Click Start, for windows 8/10, type "cmd" to search command prompt; for other windows version, point to All Programs and then Accessories, click Command Prompt.
  2. In the command prompt window, type: convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

For example, typing convert D: /fs:ntfs would format drive D: with the ntfs format. You can convert FAT or FAT32 volumes to NTFS with this command.

@2015-12-14 11:45:44

To check what file system your disk driver is using

Open "This PC" or "My Computer." Then right-click on the hard drive you want to check. such as C: drive. Select "Properties" from the pop-up menu. The file system (FAT32 or NTFS) should be specified in the General tab in the Properties window.


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