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SQLite 3.10.0 is Released Options
Posted: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 7:20:58 PM

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SQLite 3.10.0 is release On 2016-01-06

General improvements:

  • Added support for LIKE, GLOB, and REGEXP operators on virtual tables.
  • Added the colUsed field to sqlite3_index_info for use by the sqlite3_module.xBestIndex method.
  • Enhance the PRAGMA cache_spill statement to accept a 32-bit integer parameter which is the threshold below which cache spilling is prohibited.
  • On unix, if a symlink to a database file is opened, then the corresponding journal files are based on the actual filename, not the symlink name.
  • Added the "--transaction" option to sqldiff.
  • Added the sqlite3_db_cacheflush() interface.
  • Added the sqlite3_strlike() interface.
  • When using memory-mapped I/O map the database file read-only so that stray pointers and/or array overruns in the application cannot accidently modify the database file.
  • Added the experimental sqlite3_snapshot_get(), sqlite3_snapshot_open(), and sqlite3_snapshot_free() interfaces. These are subject to change or removal in a subsequent release.
  • Enhance the 'utc' modifier in the date and time functions so that it is a no-op if the date/time is known to already be in UTC. (This is not a compatibility break since the behavior has long been documented as "undefined" in that case.)
  • Added the json_group_array() and json_group_object() SQL functions in the json extension.
  • Added the SQLITE_LIKE_DOESNT_MATCH_BLOBS compile-time option.
  • Many small performance optimizations.

You can download SQLite 3.10.0 at here.

Posted: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 7:20:58 PM
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