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Google Photos to end free unlimited storage policy in June 2021


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@2020-11-11 23:23:59

Google Photos has announced that it’s ending its unlimited free storage policy for photos and videos starting June 1st, 2021.

The tech giant is going to start charging for storage once more than 15GB on your account has been used. Photos and videos uploaded before June 1st won’t count against the 15GB cap.


@2020-11-14 19:48:38

To find out how much storage is left on your Google account, head to this page and sign in to your account. If already signed in, it will show you your total storage depending on the plan you use. If you have not purchased a plan, you get 15GB free as standard with every Google account for “original quality storage.” The tool shows you an estimate on how long your storage will last. This estimate depends on how often you backup content to your Google account. It also shows the amount of storage taken up by your photos and videos, along with content from Google Drive and Gmail.


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