How to enable RDP connection to a Azure virtual machine? Options

codeling 1301 - 5556
@2020-10-29 21:43:53

When you create a new VM, all traffic from the Internet is blocked by default.

To enable the RDP port in an NSG, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In Virtual Machines, select the VM that has the problem.

  3. In Settings, select Networking.

  4. In Inbound port rules, check whether the port for RDP is set correctly. The following is an example of the configuration:

    Priority: 300
    Name: Port_3389
    Port(Destination): 3389
    Protocol: TCP
    Source: Any
    Destinations: Any
    Action: Allow

If you specify the source IP address, this setting allows traffic only from a specific IP address or range of IP addresses to connect to the VM. Make sure that the computer you are using to start the RDP session is within the range.

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