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Deploying Unblu Co-browse to Your Website


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@2020-04-06 12:04:59

Co-browsing technology allows a customer service advisor to join customers in their browsing sessions, interacting and collaborating with them in real time. 

Unblu’s co-browsing is 100% browser-based with nothing to download. 

Co-browsing is different from a screen sharing application in that it doesn’t involve viewing or controlling a presenter's screen that has open web browser tabs or applications. Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares your web browser or mobile application, not your complete desktop. Ideally, a  co-browsing solution should be 100% browser-based, without any download component for the customer. This makes the contextual interaction more secure and quicker for both you and your customers.

@2020-04-07 09:28:34

Unblu consists of a central server that handles the communication and collaboration between the various parties. The server can be installed on-premises or accessed as a cloud service.


Visitors to your public website as well as known clients using web or mobile apps are connected through the server to agents and advisors at your firm.


Agents can use the built-in web app or custom mobile apps to interact with visitors. Unblu also enables supervisors to organize teams of agents and assign incoming visitor requests to area experts.

All aspects of both visitor- and agent-side interfaces are flexible and fully customizable, allowing integration with your existing web infrastructure while also enabling interaction though other channels such as custom mobile apps, custom web apps and external messenger services.


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