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Product Owner vs. Business Analyst

@2020-02-21 11:16:52

4 common anti-patterns of using business analysts in Scrum teams.

  1. BA as Proxy Product Owner
  2. BA as the Connector
  3. BA as the Glue that Holds Multiple Teams Together
  4. BA as part of the Development Team

Each of these might have its own problems.

@2020-02-21 21:27:47

Business Analysts focus on quality and building something right the first time, while Product Owners focus on delivering value or ROI for the customer. Project Managers, on the other hand, generally focus on speed to deliver a product on schedule. While these positions overlap, product teams benefit from unique expertise when government staff pursue depth in one role versus striving to be generalists in all three. Here are some examples of the functional overlap between these roles:

While there are commonalities between Product Owners and BAs and PMs, Scrum teams need all three roles to be truly successful. All team members should view the other roles as peers, not subordinates or superiors.

@2020-02-26 15:49:07

5 Reasons Why Agile BAs Are Critical To An Agile Team

1. Many large organizations are struggling with the product owner role. They need BAs to partner with POs to bring customer focus as the team refines the backlog and delivers the work. BAs help manage value delivery!
2. BAs have a holistic and detailed view of the customer, user, data, processes and systems. Without this view, teams will struggle to deliver solutions that hit the speed, relevance, and quality metrics leaders are looking for agile teams to hit.
3. BAs truly care and have compassion and empathy for users. It’s in their DNA! When empowered to make users and customers awesome, BAs will rise to the occasion and represent the user needs on the team.
4. Great BAs speed up the team by having backlog items ready for the team. BAs can facilitate high-quality and fast feedback loops with users/customers which are critical to agile, speed and innovation success!
5. BAs are T-Shaped skilled team players. Great BAs have a wide skill set that comprises of technical, leadership, business, analytical, facilitation and communication skills needed to help agile teams thrive! T-Shaped team member are those s that have deep expertise and have the ability to collaborate cross functionally and apply their deep knowledge and skills in other areas to benefit the team.


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