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Introduction to Microsoft Team Foundation Server

@2020-02-21 18:55:30

When you define a team, you define the team's:

  • Selected area path(s)
  • Default area path
  • Selected iteration path(s)
  • Backlog iteration path
  • Default iteration path

Teams are associated with one or more area paths and a backlog iteration path, which determines what items appear on their backlogs and boards.

Depending on the size of your organization and your tracking needs, you can set up a team structure similar to the one shown. You do so by defining teams and their associated area path(s).

Each team has its own view of the work

For example, each feature team can be associated with a single feature area path—such as Customer ProfileShopping CartEmail—or several area paths. Each management team, which focuses on a set of features, can choose several area paths to monitor. This allows each feature team to have their distinct backlog to plan, prioritize, and track their work. And, portfolio or product owners can create their vision, road map, and goals for each release, monitor progress across their portfolio of projects, and manage risks and dependencies


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