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How to enable or disable auto-shutdown for my Azure virtual machine? Options

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@2019-08-08 23:20:38

Follow the following steps to enable or disable the auto-shutdown setting with Azure virtual mathcine

  1. Go to your VM blade in Azure portal.
  2. Click Auto-shutdown in the resource menu on the left-side.
  3. You will see an auto-shutdown settings page expanded, where you can disable the auto-shoutdown setting.
  4. You can also specify the auto-shutdown time and time zone. You can also configure to send notification to your webhook URL 15 minutes before auto-shutdown.

@2020-01-19 14:19:12

Here you will find a button to either enable or disable auto-shutdown for this particular virtual machine. If you click On under the Enable button, the other configuration controls will be enabled:

  • Scheduled Shutdown: Here you will specify what time the shutdown will happen in the HH:MM:SS format.
  • Time Zone: Specify the time zone you are referring to in Scheduled Shutdown. It’s easy to not notice that this is set to UTC by default.
  • Send Notification Before Auto-Shutdown: Would you like to send a message or trigger an action before the machine shuts down?
  • Webhook URL: If you want something to happen in sync with the machine being shut down, then you can provide the URL of an Azure Automation (or some other system) webhook.
  • Email Address: Provide an email address (maybe a distribution list or monitoring system) that will be notified ahead of the shutdown.
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