Using Code Map in Visual Studio Options

codeling 1264 - 5397
@2019-04-24 09:59:38

Code maps help you see how the code fits together without reading through files and lines of code. You can visualize dependencies across your code by creating a code map.

View dependencies with code maps in Visual Studio


codeling 1264 - 5397
@2019-04-24 11:35:52

Code maps can help you avoid getting lost in large code bases, unfamiliar code, or legacy code. For example, when you're debugging, you might have to look at code across many files and projects. Use code maps to navigate around pieces of code and understand the relationships between them. That way, you don't have to keep track of this code in your head, or draw a separate diagram. So, when your work is interrupted, code maps help refresh your memory about the code you're working on.

Code map - Map relationships in code

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