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Product Backlog and Backlog Grooming in Scrum

@2020-01-29 23:39:33

Use case might be represented in two major forms: use case diagram or structural textual description.

@2022-05-03 19:24:42

User stories are about needs. When you write a user story, what you’re describing is a “raw” user need. It’s something that the user needs to do in his day-to-day job.

A typical user story will have enough information to help the user understand what it is the software needs to accomplish, but it’s not meant to be a complete description of how the software works.

Use cases are about the behavior you’ll build into the software to meet those needs. A developer who needs to build working software should be able to read a use case and get a good sense of what the software needs to do. It typically has a lot of detail, and describes everything that the developer needs to build in order to meet the user’s need. That’s why it needs to have a lot more detail, and be clear and unambiguous.

A user story needs to express a complete thought in just a couple of sentences. Use cases describe a complete interaction between the software and users (and possibly other systems). It’s possible that one user story could spawn several use cases.



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