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Overview of Scrum Methodology

@2019-03-19 14:05:11


 - Can be very demanding on the users' time

 - Testers are requred all the time instead of at the end

 - Can be intense for the team

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During daily scrum meeting, team members tell each other 3 things.

  • What have I done yesterday?
  • What will I do today?
  • What keeps me from doing my work?

If there is any problem (an impediment in Scrum) the scrum master is responsible for solving this. The daily scrum meeting has a maximum time box of 15 minutes.

@2019-03-28 10:21:24

Scrum Master vs. Project Manager roles and responsibilities

Scrum Master is referred as a facilitator, who manages the teams that are implementing the Agile methodology. The roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master includes:

  • Sprint planning 
  • Scheduling the daily Scrum meeting
  • Managing Scrum process responsibly
  • Helping the Scrum teams to follow Scrum practices
  • Removing barriers so the team can focus on their work
  • Assisting with the Product Backlog
  • Co-operating with Product Owner in designing Product Backlog items for the next Sprint
  • Protecting the team from external distractions
  • Recording and assisting to improve team dynamics

Project Manager roles and responsibilities:

Project manager’s role is to manage the projects and ensure that the project meets the requirements. The roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager are as follows:

  • Defining project scope to the team
  • Planning project target
  • Preparing the work schedule for the team members
  • Gathering requirements
  • Defining the resource requirements for the project
  • Preparing the budget for a project
  • Assuring quality
  • Mitigating the risks
  • Monitoring the plans
  • Getting user feedback
  • Managing relationships with the client and the stakeholders
  • Ending the project

@2019-12-12 08:45:19

The Scrum Alliance says:

Scrum is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of principles and practices that helps teams deliver products in short cycles, enabling fast feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change.


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