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Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 9:00:59 PM

The instances are rather fast and are composed of 4 components. Once the first one is finished, the next one is passed and so on. As you can imagine, in the previous part we find the boss at the end of the degree, more complex to kill (although not even to tell the truth) and that always guarantees benefits. Throughout the fighting"dropperanno" the many disparate objects, from raw materials to be utilised to boost their items, up to the most typical cash BUY Cheap Elsword ED.

The fights are always simple and do not show a high degree of challenge: at the event to 4 and with all the characters all the same (in the start we start with the identical noob-armor) I found it difficult to understand which character I was checking. All this, however, is resolved by repeatedly pressing the Z and X keys, and utilizing the skills available...

Each time you finish a quest you'll get XP points and coins. At every level step we will need to put the things to invest in a gift tree that quite easily remembers that of WoW. Once we reach level 15 we can select a specialization which varies depending on the selected character. The enemies may also often leave useful items for crafting: unlike other MMORPGs, however, in Elsword you won't be crafting objects, but a special retailer.

I found the cases not quite varied and quite repetitive, but from what I watched it seems that the game provides the best of itself in a different juncture: the PVP. Struggling here and there you will arrive earlier or later at level 50, the max. At that point you will have a nice character prepared to jump headfirst to the PVP: you can take action before (from level 10 to be precise), but at level 50 you will have each of the most effective items and abilities available.

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