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CppCon 2017 Presentation Materials Options
Posted: Saturday, September 30, 2017 12:29:51 PM

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Slides and other materials from CppCon 2017


What Has My Compiler Done for Me Lately - Unbolting the Compiler's Lid by Matt Godbolt


A Soupcon of SFINAE by Arthur O'Dwyer

A Type, By Any Other Name by Jon Cohen

API & ABI Versioning by Mathieu Ropert

Almost Unlimited Modern C++ in Kernel-Mode Applications by Billy Baker

Building C++ Modules by Boris Kolpackov [README]

C++ and Persistent Memory Technologies by Tomasz Kapela

C++ in Academia by Chuck Allison

Class Template Argument Deduction - A New Abstraction by Zhihao Yuan

Coroutines What Can't They Do by Toby Allsopp

Designing a Feature That Does Not Fit by Patrice Roy

EA's Secret Weapon - Packages and Modules by Scott Wardle [.pdf] [.pptx] [README]

Effective Qt - 2017 Edition by Giuseppe D'Angelo

Eight Ways To Handle Non Blocking Returns by Sergey Ignatchenko

Enhanced Support for Value Semantics in C++17 by Michael Park

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about DLLs by James McNellis

Free Your Functions by Klaus Iglberger

Function Default Arguments - Slingshot or Shotgun by Michael Price [README]

Game Audio Programming in C++ by Guy Somberg

Migrating a C++03 library to C++11 case study, Wt 4 by Roel Standaert

Mocking Frameworks Considered Harmful by Peter Sommerlad

Postmodern C++ by Tony Van Eerd

Practical Techniques for Improving C++ Build Times by Dmitry Panin

Runtime Polymorphism - Back to Basics by Louis Dionne

Seventeenification by Roland Bock

The Asynchronous C++ Parallel Programming Model by Hartmut Kaiser

ThinLTO - Building C++ Applications with Scalable Whole Program Optimization by Teresa Johnson

Undefined Behavior in 2017 by John Regehr

Undefined Behavior is Awesome by Piotr Padlewski

Using Functional Programming Patterns to build a clean and simple HTTP routing API by Jeremy Demeule and Quentin Duval

When a Microsecond Is an Eternity by Carl Cook

Which Machine am I Coding to by Patrice Roy

dynamic_cast From Scratch by Arthur O'Dwyer

folly Function - A Non-copyable Alternative to std function by Sven Over [README]


Boost Your Programs Health With Fibers by David Sackstein [README]

Make Classes Great Again by Vinnie Falco

Practical C++17 by Jason Turner

Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design by Mathieu Ropert


A Modern Formatting Library for C++ by Victor Zverovich

Bringing Clang-tidy Magic to Visual Studio C++ Developers by Victor Ciura [README]

C++ Development with Visual Studio Code by Rong Lu

Cross-Platform Apps with Djinni by Stephen Spann

End-to-end Deadlock Debugging Tools at Facebook by Kenny Yu

Fuzz Or Lose by Kostya Serebryany

MPark.Patterns - Pattern Matching in C++ by Michael Park

New Standards to the Rescue by Anastasia Kazakova

Tools From the C++ Eco-System by Anastasia Kazakova

Using IncludeOS to Write Fast and Secure Web Applications by Lukas Bergdoll

What's New and Upcoming in Visual Studio 2017 Updates by Steve Carroll and Daniel Moth

Lightning Talks and Lunch Sessions

10 Things Junior C++ Devs Don't Get by Victor Ciura

Datetime Programming for Everyone. Everywhere by Tai Meng

F.21 by Giuseppe D'Angelo

Making Optional Optional by Roland Bock

Quick Bench by Fred Tingaud

Refactor or die by Mikhail Matrosov [.pdf] [.pptx]

Regular Expressions Redefined in C++ by Hana Dusikova

SCM Challenge Unique Words by Arthur O'Dwyer

Solving a Bug Via Lateral Thinking by Giuseppe D'Angelo

Speeding up Preprocessor by Ivan Sorokin

The Perils of Implementing Code from PDFs by Ben Combee

Posted: Saturday, September 30, 2017 12:29:51 PM
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