How to view currently executing web request on IIS? Options

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@2017-09-25 15:26:14

To view currently executing requests in a worker process on IIS 7

You can perform this procedure byIIS Manager.

  • Open IIS Manager. In the Connections pane, select the server node in the tree.
  • In Features View, double-click Worker Processes.
  • Select a worker process from the grid.
  • Click View Current Requests in the Actions pane.
  • View the list of requests in the grid.

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When you notice that a worker process is using many resources on your Web server, or requests are taking a long time to process, you can view a list of current requests that are processing in a specific worker process. This information can help you determine where a problem occurs in a specific area of a site or application. For example, you may find that a request for a particular file causes high memory usage; you can then give the information about the site or application to a developer who can optimize the code. For example, you may find that a worker process takes a long time to process requests. You can view which requests are currently processing in the worker process, and then use that information to investigate why a certain request takes so much time to process.

The currently executing request information in IIS Manager returns the following information about requests in a worker process:

  • Site ID. The site identifier (ID) for the specific request.
  • Url. The requested Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
  • Verb. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) verb used in the request.
  • Client IP. The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the client who made the request.
  • State. The current pipeline module state that the request is in.
  • Module Name. The current module that the request is in.
  • Time Elapsed. The period of time the request has been in process.
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