How to share a printer to a remote desktop session? Options

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@2020-01-23 09:50:42

Follow the following seteps to share a local printer (redirect) to a Remote Desktop Connection session.

Enable Printer as a Local Resource

Perform these steps on the local computer

  • On the local PC, open Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
  • Enter the address you want to connect to
  • Click Options
  • Click the Local Resources tab
  • Place a check mark in Printers in the Local devices and resources section.

RDC Local Resources Options

  • Click Connect, enter your username and password details if required and allow it to bring up the desktop
  • On the remote PC, check to see if the printer is visible as an icon in the Control Panel > Printers screen
  • If the printer installed correctly then you’re finished! If not, then continue to the following step. 


Install the printer driver on the remote PC

Perform these steps on the remote computer

  • Firstly verify if you need to install the printer driver on the remote PC by checking that the printer driver is the problem as described in the symptoms section of this article.
  • The easiest way to get the printer drivers installed in the correct place in Windows is by installing a dummy local printer on the Remote PC.
  • Click Start > Printer & Faxes
  • Click Add Printer
  • Click Add a network printer
  • Click the printer that I want isn't listed
  • Check Select a shared printer by name
  • Type \\your local host machine name\shared printer name
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