tnsping - Testing Oracle Connections Options

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@2016-12-08 13:23:16

The tnsping utility is used to determine whether or not an Oracle service can be successfully reached.

If a connection can be established from a client to a server (or server to server), tnsping will report the number of milliseconds it took to reach the remote service. If unsuccessful, a network error will be displayed. However, tnsping will only report if the listener process is up and provides no indication of the state of the database.

C:\>tnsping <net service name> <count>

The <net service name> must exist in the tnsnames.ora file. This file is used by clients and database servers to identify server destinations. It stores the service names and database addresses. The <count> parameter is optional and will show the number of times the command should try to connect to the specified service name.


codeling 1181 - 5025
@2018-06-15 08:49:28

TNSPING is in the ORACLE HOME/bin directory.

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